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The Only Phone Service for Travelers… Free Roaming Anyone?

One thing I use while setting up a trip, or while on a trip is my phone!  I use it to navigate strange cities, use Uber, HappyCow, google Maps, and many other apps.  I am able to do this without changing any sim cards or anything else because I have T-Mobile !

In this article I will give you a quick run  down of what T-Mobile has to offer and how good it is!

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The Good

There are many good things about T-Mobile, I will list a few of the things I benefit a lot from!

      1. Free International Roaming in 140+ Countries.     You literally turn your phone off airplane when you land, and you shortly get a text saying “Welcome to Spain” for example, and its free sailing from there.
      2. Free texting and Wi-Fi on Gogo enabled planes.  Everyone gets 1 hour free Wi-Fi on each flight and Free texting, but T-Mobile One+ customers get free Wi-Fi the entire flight, which is awesome and saves a fortune!
      3. Wi-Fi Calling – Many of you are aware of T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling.  Wi-Fi calling allows you to make phone calls when you are overseas for free over the T-Mobile network as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi.  Normally calls when roaming cost , but when your using Wi-Fi calling it does not!
      4. Customer Service – T-Mobile has the absolute best Customer service of any phone company, period!  If you call, or tweet or text they fix the problem!  I always get great service with T-Mobile!
      5. Price –  T-Mobile is one of the most feature rich phone providers, at bay far the lowest price! They have many options and plans, but you can get unlimited, with 2 lines for around $50 dollars a line, that includes all the free roaming, Wi-Fi, etc, for that same amount with other smaller companies you get a lot less!
      6. Free Netflix– Now T-Mobile adds free Netflix, which is great as Netflix just upped their prices!
      7. T-Mobile Tuesdays– T-Mobile is always having giveaways and something fun and valuable on Tuesdays!

    The Bad

    The only bad thing I can say about T-Mobile, is their rural coverage is not the best while in the USA.  With that said, T-Mobile has bent over backwards to help me with this!  They have sent me a mini-tower for my house and many other things.   I think their coverage is getting much better and let me say I have managed for 5 years with their service and I live rural!


    Look for Yourself

    Click the T-Mobile link / banner below to look at what T-Mobile has to offer and also to sign up if you decide to!

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    I can for sure say I 100% recommend T-Mobile for the world traveler and for anyone that likes a lot for features for a low price!  I have personally used T-Mobile for at least the last 5 years and this recommendation comes as an honest one!

    I always enjoy the looks of those when I land somewhere and start my phone up and start texting, when they are fumbling with changing sims cards, etc.

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    Thank you for reading and Please, TRAVEL MORE!!

    (Disclaimer: I may receive a commission from anything you order from T-Mobile by clicking these links.  Your prices are the same, but this site is supported, thank you!)

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