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Speed Through Airport and Stadium Security Like a VIP With CLEAR !

I love to travel, but sometimes I hate the actual traveling part.  Any time I can do or get something that makes the process smoother, easier, less stressful, or even fun, I jump on it!

CLEAR started out a few years ago as an expedited airport security program, and has grown over the last year or so to be in 55 airports and many sports stadiums.  What is does, to make it simple, is puts you right in the front of the security line.  You still have to go through security , but you don’t have to stand in line to show the TSA agent your ID, etc etc.

I have used CLEAR several times over the last year and I have to say, I love it each time! Its so fast, efficient and honestly you feel like a VIP!


How it Works

Click Here to Sign Up for CLEAR

First, you should start the process online .  If you use the link provided, you will get 2 months FREE!  Basically you will fill out all your information and billing, etc so once you go on to the next step it will only take you a few minutes ta the airport.



Finish Sign-Up in Person


Once you fill out online, you should go to the nearest airport that has CLEAR to finish your signup.  Some Delta Sky-clubs and other locations have sign-up kiosk as well.  During this process , the representative will verify your identity with an official ID or passport, and help you capture your fingerprints and retinal scans.

Clear Airport Locations


After this quick and easy process you will be ready !  It literally was one of the easiest things I’ve ever did, that is travel related!


Scan and Go

Once your all sign-up,  when your at the airport find out where the CLEAR lane is and you literally walk up, scan your fingerprint, and the ambassador will walk you PAST the TSA agent (whom always seems peeved by this) , write up to the FRONT of the security line, and I’ve many times have them offer to help with my luggage.

You can have CLEAR without TSA Pre-Check, but I would HIGHLY recommend you get both!  With TSA Pre-Check you can breeze through the security part (post CLEAR) much faster.  Click here for more info on Pre-Check.

The following graphic by CLEAR shows how the process at the airport works with and without TSA Pre-Check.



CLEAR is also in many sports arenas and Stadiums, that have security making it much easier and faster to get in and to your seat!


The price is $179 a month, after your 2 months FREE.  If you are Diamond Medallion with Delta you get it FREE.


I am in LOVE with CLEAR !  I am set to expire soon, and I will for sure re-new! Every time I go through clear I tweet about how much I liked it! At least try the free 2 months by clicking one of the CLEAR links, and I assure you, you’ll be hooked, as I am!  Also, I would highly recommend signing up for TSA Pre-check , like I previously talked about!


Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!

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