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Make Money With Founderscard!

One of the best things I have ever done, was to join the FoundersCard! I have MORE than recouped my money, many times over!  There is so many discounts, memberships, free status levels, and much , much ,more! I am not promoting this for any other reason, except for the fact that I am IN LOVE with FoundersCard!!!   Take a look, do a “free preview” HERE, and you will see what I am talking about!


What is FoundersCard ?

FounderCard is a MEMBERS ONLY membership/club, that allows company Founders, CEO’s, and other entrepreneurs to be a part of a “club”. The reason for this, is to have the ability for members to interact with each other, give its members GREAT BENEFITS, and many, many other perks!  FoundersCard now has a very large member base, which allows them to get even better benefits and perks for their members.  FounderCard now has  A-LOT OF CLOUT! Below is a description from their site:

“FoundersCard is a membership organization for founders, CEOs, presidents, and other members of the entrepreneurial community. Membership provides access to private networking events, an online networking community, and a benefits program. Membership is by invitation/application and has an annual membership fee of $695 plus a one-time initiation fee.”

The actual FoundersCard is aluminum and comes in a snazzy package

What Membership Offers?

There are literally hundreds of benefits you enjoy as a FoundersCard member! However, I can’t list them all, for time reasons, as well as exclusivity, and partner request’s  ! With that said, here are a few:


Free Caesars Diamond StatusEtihad DiscountFree TripIt Pro With Founderscard


Business Services

FoundersCard AT&T Discount

FoundersCard UPS Discount

FoundersCard Constant Contact Discount


FoundersCard BMW Discount

FoundersCard 1-800-FLOWERS DiscountFoundersCard Mr Porter Discount


Another PERK of the FoundersCard membership is hotel discounts, upgrades , credits and many other things. However, this is separate from the Upgraded status options in the travel section above. These hotels are offer perks for booking through the FoundersCard Hotel Portal.  These hotels include some FABULOUS OPTIONS. A few examples of hotels are St. Regis, W Hotels, and MANY private HIGH END Boutique hotels!

Everything Else

FoundersCard First Republic Bank BONUSFoundersCard Dollar Shave Club CreditFoundersCard Wheels Up

As you can see from the few examples above, you MORE THAN PAY FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP!  The UPS and AT&T discounts alone will pay for the membership in a year, and then use the First Republic Bank credit and you MAKE $800 dollars.

Like I said before… There are HUNDREDS of things like this, so if you utilized HALF of the offerings, you’d gain SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS!  I would call that making money…wouldn’t you?

How to Apply for Membership

FoundersCard has graciously allowed TouringTony members the ability to WAIVE the normal $95 USD sign up fee and save $200 off the normal dues, making membership just $395 USD!  Can you see now how easy and fast you can recoup that amount? Click below, or use code                      ” TouringTony ” to get the great price!



Wrap Up

As I have shown you above, this is really a no brainer, from discounts with Adidas, Reebok, and UPS, all the way to private jet membership flight credits, (up to $11,000) , and discounts on luxury automobiles. There truly is something for everyone, and then some!

Check it out, and if you have any questions, PLEASE EMAIL ME, OR COMMENT BELOW

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!!!


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