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New Shopping Portal for SPG and Marriott !

Marriott had a shopping portal arrangement of sort before, but they recently changed to a different set-up and are calling it Marriott Rewards MORE.  This is important for me because as you know, Marriott International , now owns SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) .  This is relevant because you can transfer Marriott points over to SPG (must link accounts first) , the only downfall is it takes 3 Marriott Reward points to equal 1 SPG point.

I will take SPG points , any way I can get them, as they are the most valuable and, by far, my favorite program!

In addition to the many other ways you can earn SPG and Marriott points, this is a valuable new opportunity.  Like I have said many times before, if your going to shop online anyway, might as well make money shopping, and this is for sure a way to do that!


The Program

Marriott Rewards More, works a little different than other programs.  With the other shopping portals  , you go to the portal first then click on the store and go to that page, and it inserted a cookie on the page and you shopped like normal from there.   With Marriott Rewards MORE, you have to install a browser extension.  You can also download the mobile app and shop from there, which I think I prefer!

The selection of stores is limited compared to many other airline and hotel shopping portals, but they are just getting started and remember, do a little research when shopping a certain store or for a certain thing!  For example, at start-up Amazon was included, and Amazon hardly ever shows up on shopping portals anymore, but at time of writing, Amazon is currently not available, sadly!


The rate you earn varies by store and changes often.

I always check EVREWARD  or Cash Back Monitor  , which at time of writing Marriot Rewards More isn’t showing up at either so just search them too.  Whichever store or portal or program pays the best or whichever your trying to accumulate will all go into deciding where to shop through.


Right now, Marriott Rewards More is offering 1000 bonus points for your first purchase over $25 (twenty five dollars ).  That is at least 1025 Marriott Rewards points or 341 SPG Starpoints.



Another difference with Marriott Rewards More , is you can use your Marriott points to pay for your items also, but I agree 100% with TPG (The Points Guy), this is NOT a good value, for you anyway, it is for Marriott!

Marriott Portfolio

Marriott now has over 6,000 properties in 122 counties.  This portfolio includes all the SPG properties (my  program of choice), so the points you earn in this method can be used for free nights at any of the following brands.


This isn’t the most sensational way to earn SPG Starpoints or Marriott Rewards Points, but its something.  With the Uber / SPG partnership ending we need to get the points where we can find them.   Every little bit adds up, and I will say it again, if your shopping anyway, earn money doing it.  Also remember if you use a points , miles, or cash back credit card your earn even more!

Don’t forget the ongoing Sunday Marriott Rewards / NFL promotion where you can earn 1000 easy points fast.

Thanks for reading , and please, TRAVEL MORE!!


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