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Airlines and Airports Are Starting to Offer Covid Testing for Passengers!

Some good news for my fellow passengers and for the travel industry as a whole!  Over there last week or so we have heard more and more about airlines and airports offering covid tests to circumvent the quarantine rules of certain destinations.  This is a great thing, and should have been done MONTHS AGO!  By doing this, they (Airlines and Airports) immediately open places like Hawaii , Dubai, and many others that require a negative test within just a FEW DAYS upon arrival.


Keep in mind these tests are not free.  The prices so far range from Apx. $80 USD to $250 USD, depending on the airline and type of these. I will list the links the the participating airliners below!


So far the following airlines have commited to offering these test. I am hoping other airlines, LIKE MY AIRLINE, Delta , will start this soon as well.  Right now Delta is testing all their employees, which is good, and understandable because they are mostly all NON unionized, and Delta has to do everything possible to keep them that way.  Non-the-less, in order to afford to pay them, they need to get travel up and rolling as well! (Just my opinion).

American Airlines

United Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

Jet Blue


This is also great news, and it isn’t airline specific , its for anyone!  More airports should jump on this, and I have already heard rumblings that many are.

Tampa International Airport (TPA)  


We are finally getting more and more positive things happening concerning this covid crisis when it comes to the travel world.  Rapid tests at clinics, and now at airports!  More destinations opening up, and just downright clarity , finally on how all this works and how to live and travel safely!

I am writing this from a palapa in Puerto Vallarta, my first international trip since Covid! I have taken short domestic trips though.  Although my main house is in Acapulco, I choose to come here so I could truly disconnect, re-group and decontaminate my brain.  Its working! And just a side note, I have had my temperature taken more in the few days in Mexico as I have the entire pandemic.  They (Mexicans) are really taking things seriously, which is so comforting! I also wrote briefly about airline change waivers early on.

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE,…SAFELY!

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