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This is The One Thing the World Has in Common!

Over the last few weeks I have been all over Mexico basically! I was in Aguascalientes, Puerto Vallarta, as well as Mexico City, MexicoI was in Aguascalientes, Puerto Vallarta, as well as Mexico City, Mexico.  All 3 cities have been affected by Covid-19, but Puerto Vallarta , and Mexico City the most! After traveling the last few weeks, and also hearing people on television and reading online about how bad things are, I can safely say, the entire world is in the same nasty ass boat!

I try to talk to everyone I come in contact with and feel out how things are.  Everyone is willing to tell you their woes, and how bad its been.  The thing is, everything I hear in person, or on the news, or read online, and even my personal experience , its all the same! Covid-19 has knocked us all down many notches.

There are a few exceptions, being the rich has somehow gotten richer ,but I digress, and say we have all suffered , proportionally to where our standing was pre-copvid.

The Possible Silver Lining

One of the possible good things that may come out of this nightmare is, UNITY! Heaven knows we all need unity!  Being that we are all suffering and working together to end this, I hope unity is a result. I don’t just mean in the USA, I mean Unity in the world!

Of course each country, state , county, town and village has different sets rules, we all have the same end goal!

Lets hope the Virus goes away soon, and we all come together in the aftermath!


If we all do our part, and try not to be selfish, WE WILL KICK THIS!  Maybe this is the “disaster” we needed to rebuild and get a “fresh Start”, LETS HOPE!

Thanks for reading everyone, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE! ( But smart and safely !!)


How has the pandemic affected you?  Leave a response below!

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