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Free American Airlines Miles for Transferring from Hotel Programs… Lots of Them!

hAmerican Airlines is doing it again, offering an extra 25% bonus miles if you transfer certain hotel points to them. This promotion is going on until May 31, 2018.  AA has done this before, and I have taken advantage of it!  As a matter of fact I used this promo to help me on my month long trip to Egypt and India in all First Class.

The sweet spot in this is that SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) also gives you an extra 25% if you transfer FROM them.   These two bonus’s do in fact stack with each other, giving you a 50% bonus.  AA Miles Transfer Bonus Offer 2018

For every 20,000 (twenty thousand) SPG points you transfer to AA (or any participating airline), SPG always has given you a bonus of 25%, meaning 5,000 extra miles.  With the current promotion, AA is also giving you and extra 25% or 5,000 miles.  Using this promotion with SPG and AA is the sweet spot, for every 20,000 SPG points (starpoints) you transfer to AA you receive a total of 30,000 AA Miles.

AA SPG Bonus
AA SPG Bonus

Keep in mind, SPG gives the 25% bonus to other airlines, (See Here), and AA is giving the bonus from other Hotel programs, but using this method nets you the most!  If you have Marriott Points, transfer them to SPG for free, then convert to AA, as Marriott doesn’t YET offer the extra 25% bonus until they change in august.  

Earn Extra SPG Starpoints!

SPG historically has always had good promotions and ways to earn bonus SPG points, and right now there are a few going on I will touch on.

  • SPG More Nights, More Starpoints."<yoastmarkWith this promotion, SPG gives you 250 bonus starpoints for every night you stay in a SPG hotel (has to be SPG, not Marriott), starting on your third night.  This means after you stay 2 nights after registering at any SPG property, ALL nights after that get a free 250 points until promotion end.  You DO NOT have to stay 2 nights each time (2 night stay) to get this, its 2 TOTAL nights, period.  Max you can earn is 12,000 starpoints.  Promotion runs from April 16 to July 20, 2018(Register HERE)


  • SPG Suite Temptations Promotion.
    SPG SUite Tempations Promotion 2018
    SPG Suite Temptations Promotion 2018

    I used this promotion last weekend in Dallas at the Four Points DFW airport.  I paid just over $100 for a suite and with all the promos going on I made a lot of points.  Its simple, just go to the site and check the locations and dates to see the price.  Most offers were way too high, but there was some SUITE spots in the deal!  The promos offers you 3,000 Extra starpoints for each stay.  The promotion runs until the end of the year as of now.


I’m always for getting extra points / miles, and this is a way to do it!  Check the links out and see if your program is eligible if you don’t have SPG or Marriott Points.

AA has MANY fantastic redemption options for some of the best First, and Business class in the world on partner carriers, I did Etihad First class and Qatar Business class using AA miles.

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!



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