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Consistency Is KEY!… A Rant About Hotels …


As I lay by the pool, at a hotel in Brazil, that I generally love, the word “consistency “ comes to mind!


“consistent behaviour or treatment.”


In my humble opinion, for a hotel to be fabulous, and successful, one of the first things it must master is the art of consistency!  There are a few other things such as cleanliness and great service, but a guest truly does need to know what to expect.

The lack of consistency, in my opinion, tells the guests that they cannot trust or depend on the hotel. If there is no program, then there is no telling what you may or may not get one time after another!


  • If you get a massage on a Monday, and you return on Thursday, you expect the same process, the same method, the same way… this gives the guest the feeling that they can relax, because there is no guessing.  When they return on the Thursday and everything is different, it gives a feeling of “what surprise is around the corner next?”
  • If you go to the pool and order a Coconut Mojito, on a Tuesday, and return on a Friday and its 100% different, then all the sudden your disappointed, as you were looking forward to the drink you liked. Now the guest is scared to order because god knows what they will get and waste their money on.

I could go on and on about recent bouts if “inconsistencies “ at this wonderful hotel, but I wont.  I am just trying to make a point that hotel management need to make sure that everything is consistent, or else guest will feel the hotel is flip floppy, and not reliable. Therefore the guest cannot relax and let go!  When a guest is on vacation , a long weekend, or even a return 1 night stay, they want to be able to “let someone else drive” so they can sit in the passenger seat.  If the hotel is not consistent, on EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, then this CANNOT HAPPEN!  When one stays in a hotel its their home for the night!  This is a very intimate encounter, and it needs to be met with care, in every single encounter!

Wrap up

It may sound silly, but I truly feel every little detail needs to be paid attention to.  Make sure everything is always ,as much as possible, CONSISTENT!  If its the way the bed’s made, towels are folded, how you make a drink, or even the way decor is…. It must always be CONSISTENT!

Just a little rant, no more…

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE TRAVEL MORE!


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