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Quick Tips…Do Right, Stand to The Right!

Quick little post about being courteous at the airport!  I get so frustrated at times when I travel because people either don’t know the proper etiquette or they don’t care.  

One big thing that you can take with you everywhere is to move to the right.  If you are on a moving walkway or an escalator, please stand to the right if your not walking.  The way that airports and large gatherings of people move smoothly is people do things differently, some like to ride and other like to walk.  If you stand to the left, and cog up the flow, then your holding people up behind you.  

The internationally recognized understanding is walking on left, standing on right.  

Please follow this small piece of advice, you don’t want to be the idiot holding up 100 people behind you do you?

Thanks for reading and, PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!

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