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250 Free Delta Skymiles Offer for Everyday Shopping

As I have written about before, online shopping portals are a great way to earn extra miles for everyday shopping you would do anyway!  Right now Delta shopping portal is offering a free 250 miles for signing up and spending at least $125 dollars in the next 7 days.  These bonus miles are in addition to the miles you would earn anyway, and that depends on the retailer you shop from.

I value Delta SkyMiles a lot because Delta is my program, and Delta SkyMiles are some of the hardest airline miles to earn.

Click Here to Sign-Up

With Christmas coming very soon, and all of us doing tons of online shopping, why not earn lots of miles to take a trip with later on !


Sign up

To earn these bonus 250 miles, you must sign-up by following this LINK ! ⇐

Follow the link and sign up if you have never signed up before.

Note:  this promo is for new SkyMiles shopping members.  You can have a SkyMiles account but the SkyMiles shopping portal is a separate entity so you have to sign up for it as well, and if you never have here’s your chance for some free miles!

If you are NOT a Delta SkyMiles member, sign up here, then go to the link above to sign up for the SkyMiles shopping portal with your SkyMiles number they give you!



SkyMiles shopping portal includes most of the big names we shop from online daily.  Here are some of the examples !

Extra Miles

Once you sign up check the site daily as it sometimes changes all the times to what each store earns.  And with the holidays here, there are always extra miles offered and additional promos, so every time you need something online check here or another portal first before going directly to the stores site!


  1. Always go to the Delta SkyMiles Shopping Portal First before shopping.
  2. Always make sure to go my “My Account” and make sure your logged in.  It may look like it but make sure because when you go to my account and it asked for your password, you are not logged in, and you may loose out on miles.
  3. Then search for the store or item your looking for, and/ or sort by earning rate to find the store offering the most.
  4. Keep a log of the date, order # and amount, and keep track of the email receipt, so after a few weeks if something goes wrong you have proof, and they are very good about fixing things.
  5. Never shop online unless you at least try to find a shopping portal that earns, even if its not Delta.


I’m only talking about Delta SkyMiles portal in this post because of the free 250 miles for new customers to the Shopping Portal, but there are MANY opportunities to earn miles with many programs, please search my site for “shopping” to learn more!

Remember to sign up with the link provided FIRST on THIS PAGE in order to earn the 250 Miles.

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!

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