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Double SPG Points in Greece!!!

Of Course SPG is my primary Loyalty program that I Put the majority of my effort, time and money into it.. so anytime I see extra SPG points available I get excited! On top of this, Aegean Airlines is a fantastic Airline out of Greece that I have flown 4 segments on, and have yet to be disappointed, on the contrary, I was extremely pleased each time!

To celebrate the partnership
with SPG and Aegean , SPG is apparently giving double miles at participating hotels in Greece. The extent of the partnership, I think is simply a points to miles transfer partnership, not like the Delta Crossover Rewards or Emirates Your World Rewards, although that would be very nice… where you actually get “mini” status or gold “light” status like I’ve heard it called, but hey, who’s complaining..

SPG Aegean Partnership

I am not sure if these double miles stack with current SPG Promos like the SPG Take Two Promo , but in the past most SPG promos do actually stack, so that sweetens the pot!

Greece is a beautiful county and SPG has some fantastic hotels there, and trust me, Aegean is not a fancy airline, but it is a very solid airline that really cares about service and quality, at least the times I flown them!

SPG and Aegean, a good partnership!

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