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What Travel Apps I Use

Im not sure what we did before we had “apps” but now we really depend on them to do almost everything, including planning and executing travel. The apps I use may be different than you may need, but I hope to give you a good idea of at least what is possible with apps and how they can help you make travel alot more easy, fulfilling and fun!


I use google flights to search for most of my airfare, and unfortunately they do not have and app so I do all my searching via the internet.  When it comes time to buy a ticket or if I already know the price I use the following apps to buy, and manage my flights. I personally fly Delta most of the time so that is what I will list, but all airlines have an app that you can download and sign into.

Delta Airlines App – I use this app for managing my trips and my account but I rarely use it to book tickets as I like the web interface better.

Trip-It App – This app is a godsend!  They have the free version and PRO, paid version, and you can do everything from managing your trips to changing seats, etc.  Basically its a program that organizes all your trip related stuff in one place and automatically makes an agenda for you.  You et up an email that it will scan or you can forward conformation emails to it.  It puts things together by trip and it is a wonderful app, you should check it out!



Again, me personally I have a particular hotel brand , SPG, now Marriott, so I use their app, so this will be based on your needs

SPG / Marriott App – I use this app to book and manage hotel stays, as well as my spa / Marriott account .  The apps were recently changed so both the SPG and Marriott app are the same because of the merger.

Trip it -I spoke about this in the previous section.

Airbnb – I rarely use airbnb but sometimes its the cheapest and best option. – I use this app to compare prices and occasionally to book hotels if no spa or Hilton properties are around.

Hilton – I use this app as a backup if no spa/ Marriott properties are available or too exspensive

TripAdvisor – I use TripAdvisor to compare hotel prices and research the places I am going , and to read hotel reviews!  Its a very useful and almost MUST HAVE app to travel with!

Misc. Other Travel Apps

Uber – I use Uber as much as I possibly can, if its available in the area I am going! If your new to Uber use my code to get a free ride = tonyb545

Mobile Passport Control – This app is really a lifesaver.  Its a free app / program, sanctioned by the government and basically you can pass customs via your phone before or when you arrive and can skip the lines at passport control.

Viator – This app lets you research and book activities at the places you are going

LoungeBuddy – If you have any type of lounge access, ether by Airline status or credit cards, etc this app will let you know and if uses your location to tell you what lounges you are eligible to enter wherever you are.  I use it quite often!  You can also link your trips with the Trip-It app and you can plan ahead what Lou get you want to go in.

Google Translate – This is an awesome free app that has saved me a million times when I could not communicate.  You can type or speak into the app to get your voice or the foreign voice translated!  I also use it with the goole Pixel phone and google ear buds and it works even better.

Apple Maps – This or google maps is a must .  Most of the time you put in your destination and it will tell you hoe to drive, walk taxi or use public transit.

Happy Cow – This app is for my Vegetarian or Vegan friends!  It uses your location to tell you what the nearest vegetarian and Vegan restaurants are to you at your location.  It has saved me many times!

WhatsApp – I find many people in other counties use this app to communicate.  its free and easy to use!  If someone ask you if you have WhatsApp , this is what they mean!



Like I said before, the apps you use will depend a lot on your personal travel habits or needs, but I feel sure everyone can benefit from some of the same apps, like trip-it and mobile passport control etc.

Thanks for reading , and please Travel More!


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