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My Vegan Explorations in Paris

As you may know, I am Vegan.  One of the exciting things for me when I travel is to try as many Vegan restaurants as possible wherever I go!  Paris is probably in the top 5 places I’ve been to that I love exploring the vegan options.  Paris is surprisingly not as Vegan friendly as you may think, for example in the grocery stores its really hard to find Vegan options like in the USA, but its possible.  I was speaking to one of the Employees of La Tricylta , and she was saying she didn’t feel Paris had the best Vegan scene, but coming from an Oklahoma farm boy, Paris has many options.

I use the HappyCow app religiously when I travel!  Its a must have for Vegans and Vegetarians alike.  You open the app and it tells you all the places close to you and what they serve and how to get there.  Its sorted by distance and you can sort by Vegan or Vegetarian, etc.  I have found, sometimes Vegan places are listed in Vegetarian for whatever reason , so I always search both.

I will rank all the places I ate in Paris, by listing them as my favorite first.

The Restaurants

Hanks Vegan Pizza

Pizza and Dessert from Hanks Vegan Pizza

This places is one of my favorite in the world!  They have the most complex and delicious pizza I’ve ever eaten, bar none!  I visited several times this trip and many times before!  Its fairly reasonable on price and the cookies and sweets are awesome too!  Its a small place , but a MUST GO while in Paris! The staff speak English and are very very friendly!

Veget’Halles –   I have been to this place many times over the years also!  I ate here a few times this trip, including on world Vegan Day!  This is a small french style ,mostly Vegan (they only have a few vegetarian items), that I love!  Its truly a french dining experience, with decadent good food!  I always get the special, where you order an entree and Main course  (entree in french is appetizer). My favorite is probably the “chicken” that comes with shallot sauce and vegetables.  I also love the Vegetable fritter with raisin chutney   as an appetizer.   The price is not high for Paris but not cheap either, probably normal.  The staff are always friendly and also speak English!

Chicken at Veget’Halles

Le Tricycle – Apparently this place started as a tricycle street vender selling Vegan Hot dogs and opened a brick and mortar place.  The menu is simple with hot dogs names after american rappers and singers.  It was reasonably priced and delicious!  They tend to run out if you come too late after lunch rush.  The staff was extra friendly and spoke English!

Hanks Vegan Burger –  Hanks has the pizza location above and this hamburger location.  I like the pizza alot more, and don’t get me wrong the food wasn’t bad at the Hamburg place, just not my favorite!  I haven’t tried everything, and one time I was turned off by the Dijon mustard, so I will for sure try again!  People are also friendly and food is reasonably priced.

La Palanche d’Aulac –  I am just returning from dining at this place for lunch.  I arrived a little later, like 2:15 pm and they closed at 3 so I felt a tad rushed.  Once the food started coming I was fine, it was delicious authentic Vietnamese style food!  There was a slight language barrier but I fared OK.  The prices were actually a tad lower than most of the other places on this list, but food was just as good!

Spring Rolls from La Palanche d’Aulac

Brasserie 2eme ART –  This restaurant is the lowest on my list.  Although I did not hate the food, it was very standard and nothing special at all.  The staff was not the friendliest and it did not seem like you was experiencing anything.  I am not too surprised because this is the 2nd location of another restaurant that is the same way.  If you are next to it and hungry, fine, go but dont walk all over the place to get to it like I did, as you may be disappointed in your troubles.

Other Resources

I found this link on foursquare about the best vegan restaurants, maybe you can get some use out of it!


Like I said, I truly love experiencing the Vegan culture and options each place I travel.  Paris will not disappoint, even if it is not the best in the world.  After my horrible journey over concerning food , i was ready to experience what Paris had to offer!

Thanks for reading and , please… TRAVEL MORE!


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