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Study Shows Flying May Cause Cancer!

A study started by a Harvard public health researcher , in 2007, concluded a few years ago, and the findings are a bit disturbing.  Although the study focused just on flight attendants, one could easily deduce, that pilots and even some MEGA frequent flyers are at risk as well!  The study was not conclusive as to the exact cause, be it radiation, or a disruption in sleep schedule , etc, but its something to keep in mind!

Study Findings

Basically , the study proved a long known fact that Flight attendants had a higher prevalence of breast cancer, but it surprised everyone that being a flight attendant also increased your chance for all types of cancer!  Read the study here!

What Does This Mean?

Yes, being a flight attendant raises your chances of getting cancer, but it doesn’t mean you will!  Smoking also increases your chances, but some people don’t ever get cancer, I would suggest that flying is a lot less dangerous than smoking!  I think this study just highlights a few things that need to be studied more.For Example, what we can do to help with jet lag and a messed up sleep schedule, as this has a cancer risk as well!


I am going to keep flying and as much as I possibly can!  What I will do is be conscience of getting good restful sleep when time zones are all off kilter.   I am glad it came out as i feel more and more people travel , and this will cause more research and protection to flight crews, and travelers.


Thanks for ready, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!

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