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My Vegan Explorations in Brussels

I just returned from a short weekend trip to Brussels, Belgium.  My good friend Shane met me there and committed to trying to stay Vegan the best possible for the trip , and for the most part he did.  Shane is not Vegan but he appreciates and understands it!

I have to admit, this post will be very short as we only ate at a few places and the trip was very short!  I , as usual used the HappyCow App to find Vegan and Vegan-Friendly places to eat in Brussels.

Brussels Vegan Scene

I have to say, although we had some good food, Brussels is not a Vegan mecca by any stretch of the imagination.  Many Vegan places were reservation only, and or closed at odd hours, and to be frank there were not many 100% Vegan places in the city.

The Restaurants

I will list the places we ate at or visited in the order of our liking, #1 being our favorite.

  1. Ami Vegetarian Brussels – AMI is a fabulous little place, that we truly enjoyed!  We ate there twice and both my non-vegan friend Shane and I loved it!  The first night we was in Brussels we went there and almost did not get seated as they were full with reservations.  After a little pouting and eyelash batting on my part we was seating, and boy I am glad! The place is small and cozy but the food is complex and imaginative! We both had the Assorted Plate which included 2 Veggie patties that were delightful, a green salad and a choice of 4 small sides.  Both of us had this both times, although we mixed the sides.  There was no complaints and we went 2 times, the other time 15 minutes before closing and they seated us again.  I tweeted that this place is probably one of my new favorites in the world! The place was mostly Vegan with just a few non Vegan items, clearly marked on the menu. 
    Assorted Plate at AMI Brussels
    Assorted Plate at AMI Brussels


  2. Mr. Falafel – Lemonnier – Mr. Falafel is a local chain, that was very small and non fancy, you could order a falafel sandwich or a pasta dish.  Shane and I ate here for 4 meals, because it was easy, good and cheap!  Not much to say about it except for 5 bucks you could get a nice size, fresh falafel sandwich with all the fixings, and they are open very late.  We enjoyed it for a quick basic meal
  3. The Judgy Vegan  –  We went to this place on our second day, and to be honest it was ok, and the best part was the desert.  We went on a Sunday and apparently they do a brunch, that was sold out and we arrived early so they fed us.  The food was bland, but like I said, the desert we had, some type of strawberry cake, was DEVINE!  The place was odd, and just seemed discombobulated, so we didn’t go back.
  4. Lagash- Turkish – This will be short and simple.  We walked a mile to get to this place, UP HILL, and upon arrival we noticed a small little place, that was clean and all, but all the guy had was one thing, some type of foe meat, that he let us taste.  lets just say after spitting out the raw, funny tasting stuff we left and walked the mile back and more in search of another place.  I’m sure some like it but we did not!


As I mentioned before, Brussels is not a Vegan capital or anything, but they have some good options.  I wish I had more time to check out some of the other places, but it was a short trip. I have to point out again that AMI is one of my new favorites and if you are in Brussels its a must go!

I plan on writing more of these for each city I go!  The last one I wrote , My Vegan Explorations in Paris received a lot of compliments!

Thank you for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!


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