American Airlines Staffing Shortage December 2017
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American Airlines Pilot Shortage for December Travel Because of Computer Glitch

This story is developing, and there’s not too much known as to how or why this happened, but basically American Airlines is facing a shortage of staffing for around 15,000 flights the last half of December.  American is saying at this time, that they are doing whatever they can to fix it, but its not fixed yet.

The computer glitch allowed too many pilots to request, and get approved time off around the Christmas holiday season.Sam Sweeney Tweet

The airline is offering 150% the pay for pilots to work on days they was already approved off. This amount is the maximum they can pay as per the contract with the pilots.  The union representing the pilots are crying fowl and asking for more.

This problem is going to cost American Airlines lots of money in additional pay for pilots either way they go about fixing it.

Keep your eyes peeled about this if you have travel on American Airlines the last half of December, as you may have to make other arrangements!


Bottom Line

This at time of writing is still developing and is fluid!  Like I said , keep your eyes open and keep checking your reservations if you have travel booked on AA last half of December.


Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!


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