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Earn Points or Miles for Dining, Learn how!

Most of the major airlines and some of the hotel programs offer a dining program.  What this means is you can earn miles or points by simply eating or dining at participating restaurants as your normally might.  It sounds too good to be true, but like I wrote about in previous posts, it’s not.  Just like the shopping portals I spoke about, why not earn points or miles for eating you already do.

While most of the dining portals are managed by the same company, rewards network, they all are not. They all can offer different offers, earning rates, and promotions, so check the fine print.

I will highlight a few, but if your ideal program is not listed just do a quick google and you should be able to locate it, if they have a dining program.

Most of these programs have an app you can download, and at the very minimum a webpage you can refer to.  I use the apps a lot because it will tell you what’s nearby and how much they are paying for that day, as it differs.


Airline Dining Programs


aa-dining-logoAmerican Airlines AAdvantage Dining is offering 1000 bonus AAdvantage miles for spending $30 dollars in your first 30 days of signing up.  This is of course on top of the miles you earn by eating.  You earn from 1 mile per every $2 spent up to 5 miles per $1 dollar spent, based on your tier level within the program. This program runs various promos throughout the year so keep an eye on the page and your email.


Delta Skymiles Dining is offering up to 3000 Skymiles in your first 30 days, if you visit 3 times. On your first visit you will earn 500 Skymiles, on your second you earn 1000, and your third you earn 1,500. If you are a Delta Medallion member you earn a 1000 Skymiles on your first dining visit. The earning and tier levels are almost the same as Americans is above. This will be who I am earning with the most this year, as Delta is my primary airline this year (2017).


United MileagePlus Dining is currently offering 2,500 United miles for signing up and dining 3 times in 30 days.  The program is very similar to American and Delta’s program(s), but the sign up promotion is a little different.  You will earn 1,500 if you spend $25 dollars in the first 30 days (I assume this can be any visit not just the first). You will then earn 500 miles on your second visit in 30 days, and 500 more on your third.  I read somewhere you got 500 miles for signing up, I could not verify this.

Hotel Programs



Hilton HHonrs Dining is offering 2000 bonus points for signing up.  Spend $30 dollars within 30 days to get 1000 points. You will then earn 500 points your second and third time you spend $30 dollars in the first 30 days. You then have to post your first restaurant review online to get your bonus points.  As you can see, this bonus is harder to get then the airlines, but possibly worth it if you want to rack up HHonors points.  You can earn from 2 to 8 points per dollar spent with this program.


IHG Rewards Club Dine and Earn IHG points aren’t as valuable as Hilton or others , but if you are a fan and need points with them, by all means, sign up.  IHG is currently offering 1000 points for signing up and spending $30 in the first 30 days.  Not the best offer, but there it is.


SPG Cravings is NOT the same type as the above programs, you know me, I have to talk about SPG. With SPG cravings, you earn starpoints at participating restaurants.  The only catch is these are usually in SPG hotels. Not a bad thing, as most SPG properties have fine restaurants inside.  You do not have to be staying at the hotel to dine or earn starpoints.  You earn anywhere from 1 or more starpoints per dollar spent at participating restaurants.  Furthermore, you may also receive a discount of up to 30% off if you give your information before you settle the bill.  Although this may not be the way you will earn tons of starpoints, just know a discounted meal and points is near, if by an SPG property. I am not sure how this will work with the Marriott merger yet, but I think it may be separate still.

Wrap Up

Although these methods of earnings are not going to gain you a treasure trove of points or miles, coupled with all other methods, it will help!  I would highly recommend you use a card that you earn points or miles on when dining, to double up and earn more.  Some  transferable credit cards, like Chase Sapphire Preferred, offers 2 points for dining, and you can transfer these to different airlines or hotel companies.  Keep you eye peeled for promotions

Thank you for reading and , please ask any questions below if you have them!

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