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Why you should get your passport now!

I wrote about getting your passport before, because I truly feel like everyone should have their passport for many reasons! Its suggested that less then half of Americans hold a valid passport, and this fact is just sad! Now that the “Real ID Act” is kicking in , you may or may not need one to just get on a plane for a domestic trip!  I have heard that a few states got another extension but to be honest why wait on those states, mine (Oklahoma) included.  Get your passport and passport card now!  The passport card is only good internationally at some cruise ports and a few land ports, but it is a Federal real id compliant ID, so you can use it to board a plane and get in a federal building!


The instructions are the same as I previously wrote about here, on how to get your passport.  I would recommend getting the bigger, 52 page passport, like I recently did.  Passports are good for 10 years and before when they filled up with stamps and visas you just got new pages added, not anymore. Now you have to send off for a new passport and pay full price.  But you can double the size for free and it really doesn’t seem big so don’t worry.  On top of the form there is a place to select the Passport Card, and its only $30 dollars more so its worth it!

Wrap up

Go ahead and send off for your passport and passport card soon, for all the reasons I mentioned.  Everyone should have a passport!  Don’t be one of the MANY Americans without a passport!  Travel is reachable and easy for anyone now days and money can never be wasted on travel!  Even if you live in a state that is modern and has Real ID, you still need one!


Thanks for reading!

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