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Save at least $0.55 cents a gallon at Shell !

So this is not my normal type of post, but its a quick , travel related deal, that anyone can use! You can always use the money you save towards a flight somewhere!

With Fuel Rewards, you can save all the time at Shell gas stations, at least $0.05 cents a gallon just for using your card, I do, but with this little trick you can save $0.55 cents for at least one fill up.  The more you fill up or spend the higher your savings goes up per gallon.  They also have other offers for shopping and dining, similar to what I wrote about here, concerning miles and points for dining and shopping.  I of course, cant recommend this as I value miles or points more than gas savings, but that’s just me.

I love Shell gas, especially their premium gas, and Fuel rewards allows you to save a bit with them.


1.  Sign up for a Fuel Rewards account here   (Skip to step 2 if you already have one)

By doing this simple step, you will automatically save $0.05 cents a gallon, just for being a member, and you will always save a minimum of $0.05 cents a gallon.  Get all signed up and remember your member number and log-in information, you will need it for the next steps.


2.  Sign up for FREE Stop and Shop account here.

I know, most of you have never heard of this or will never shop there, but it doesn’t matter.  Sign up and then link your account with your Fuel Rewards account (use log-in from step one).  By completing this step, you now added $0.25 cents savings per gallon,  equalling $0.30 cents including the savings from step 1. Even if you never use it again, fine, don’t fret.


3.  Sign up for aFREE GIANT store savings account here.

Again, I know, you probably don’t know what this is, but trust me.  These have the same parent company so you’ll have to use a different email and phone number (they don’t verify, so…) but sign up and then again, link your Fuel Rewards account from Step 1 above.  By completing this step you add savings of $0.25 cents per gallon, making the savings a total of $0.55 cents.




Make sure to add an alternate ID Method when filling out your profile on Fuel Rewards.  You might have to use this method,to activate the offers, and to be honest this way you dont have to carry your card with you.  You just punch in your phone number at the gas pump at Shell.

Fuel Rewards APP earning opportunity example

Download the APP, and login and you will see many offers that are close to you.  Like I said before, I wouldn’t recommend doing all your online shopping and dining earning here, BUT, for example, I opened my app and the closest offer was Williams grocery in Chandler, OK, a small local grocery store.  I shop there sometimes, but to be honest it sweetens the pot, and if I spend $100 using a linked MasterCard, I will save $0.15 cents off a gallon.  If that MasterCard is a points or miles card, your earning points or miles also.  I normally would not be able to earn extra for shopping there so its a plus, of course!




Like I have said many times, never spend money unless your getting something back, if at all possible.  Although its $0.15 cents here, $0.25 there, it adds up over time, trust me.  I have shown you in this post how to instantly save $0.55 cents off a gallon and the ability to save much more.   I realize this is not a travel related post, but it is part of how I do what I do!  When I save money here, I spend spend it there, and there is TRAVEL!  Every little bit helps, and I have always been told to never leave any money on the table.

Thanks for reading! and PLEASE TRAVEL MORE!!!


Thanks Dans Deals, and Frequent Miler.

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