T-Mobile International Roaming Outage

T-Mobile Massive International Roaming Outage – Developing Story

T-Mobile is having a major outage affecting international roaming right now!  Travelers like myself depend on T-Mobile to provide great roaming and coverage when not at home. T-Mobile is usually the best when it comes to roaming, but this is a huge disappointment.

I am personally affected, as I am in Paris, France, and all the sudden my phone just lost signal.  I spent 2 hours at the Apple store in Paris and actually got a new phone, but it , did not fix the problem.  If T-Mobile would have been honest and straight-forward with me, I would have not wasted my last day in Paris at a massively busy Apple store.


Anyone that knows me, know that I depend on Twitter for so much of my customer service , and trouble shooting.  Once i got to a Starbucks on WiFi I tweeted T-Mobile and continued to do so several times and although they finally say that its a “known issue”, they don’t specify what the issue is or how or when it may be fixed!

T-Mobile is usually very good responding fast and honestly via Twitter, but they have obviously been told to keep this quite and not admit much!

Lack of News or Updates

Like I mentioned before, T-Mobile is being very tight-lipped on this, and its not too wide spread online either.  I was able to find one article from TmoNews.com about this outage, and that’s all i could find.

T-Mobile International Roaming outage. story on TmoNews.com
T-Mobile International Roaming outage. story on TmoNews.com

I also searched T-Mobile’s news site and blog, and there is ZERO mention about the massive outage.

 T-Mobile international Roaming Outage
No news on T-Mobile’s “News” page about massive international roaming outage



I wrote an article about how T-Mobile is the best service for International travel, and I still feel this way, but well see what happens .

This is still a very fluid and developing situation.   At time of writing I have been without a signal for over 6 hours.   I have reached out to T-Mobile again to get clarification.  I will write more about this as I learn more!


Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!

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