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Delta to Add a Little More CLASS to Flying Coach!

Delta, although the best US based airline in my opinion, is doing even more to up their game recently!  Delta announced in June, that they were upgrading the Tumi amenity kits to include LE LABO products.  Now, Delta has announced , that starting in November 2019, Economy flyers will be getting a little more FIRST CLASS treatment when flying internationally! I am glad, in this instance, we are moving backward in time, back when flying was a lot more glamorous , and fun! Thank you Delta!

Delta’s New International Economy Class Perks

Some of the new perks are to Include, a personal greeting at the gate by the Purser, and again at the cabin door when boarding!  Theres also going to be welcome drinks served, like in the First Class cabin., in this case sparkling whine and peach juice.  Theres also hot towel service, and upgraded food as well as utensils and placemats , ( an all around better dining exsperience).

Here is a graph that Delta made pointing out all the new perks:

Delta New International Economy Class
Delta New International Economy Class Chart

Designed by Flight Attendants And YOU

Delta has a team of 24 flights attendants working on this program, and it is being tested on certain routes and has been for over a year.  Delta says it has tweaked , and changed things over the year with help from customer and flight attendant surveys.

This is great news, and it means it may last, because the Flight Attendants played a big role, so its not forced on them, and , if what Delta says is true, us flyers has had a big say as well!

Delta Already Stands Ahead of The Others!

Delta offers things that no others US Based, International carrier offers.  Like I have said in this article , and many other ones, Delta is BY FAR, my favorite airline, for many reason!

Free Drinks

In addition to the new Welcome Drinks (Bellinis) that will be served before takeoff, starting in November, Delta already is one of the few US Based airlines that offer free cordials to everyone on certain flights.  To know if your international flight will have free booze, all you have to do is check if it has Delta One, or Delta Premium Select, if it does, your all good to drink your flight away!

Free In-Flight Messaging

Delta leads the way to offer free inflight Messaging to EVERYONE!  Click here to learn more!

Free In-Flight Entertainment!

If your seat does not have a seat back monitor, then delta offers you the ability to stream and watch movies, and shows via a mobile app, laptop, tablet etc..  Click here to learn more!


Delta really needs some good PR, because of recents things that have not looked good for them!  I already thought Delta was the best, NOT PERFECT, but the best, and will remain MY AIRLINE!  I am glad to see them want to keep us happy and stand out from the pack!  Hopefully other airliners will follow, BUT if they don’t, WHO CARES, as I don’t fly them.

Stay tuned for a review once this rolls out in November!

Is there anything you’d like to see Delta add to this new service? Comment below …


Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!


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