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How to get a Chinese Visa, EASY !

Most Americans dont know that there are a handful of countries that require you to have a Visa before you visit, China is one of them! In this post, I will walk you through the simple steps required in getting a Chinese visa. At first it can seem daunting and a bit overwhelming, I know I how I felt, but after going through the process, its actually quite easy!

In order to visit China, you must obtain a Chinese Visa from a consulate.  If you are visiting as a tourist , its pretty standard now to get a 10 year multi-visit Visa.

I recently came back from my first visit to China,  and went through this process myself!  You can do all the steps yourself, and if you live in one of the cities that has a Chinese consulate, you might, but for me I dont and it was well worth the money to pay for help!  If it wasn’t for I would have been lost!


Things You Need!

  1.  A Valid passport, with AT LEAST 6 months left of validity and at LEAST 2 free pages.  If you are close to the 6 months or close to filling it up, I would suggest doing like I did and getting a new passport.  That way you’ll have a 10 year passport with a 10 year Chinese visa inside.
  2. A passport Style Photo (33mm wide and 48mm Tall). I have heard and read that a big reason Chinese Visas are denied is because of faulty or incorrect pictures.  Makes sure you follow the instructions.
  3. A filled out Chinese Visa application. (I will list link Below)
  4. A list of all your hotel and air reservations.  Print out your itineraries and make sure you show a paid air ticket to and from China. Also your hotel will show as your “sponsor” so youll need a conformed hotel reservation. (Applicants name must be on reservation(s))
  5. You may need a separate form (depending on what consulate you are to use). Mine was Houston and they required a form about my work and everywhere I’ve been in last year.


The Process

The process seems daunting, but its actually quite simple. walks you through the entire process and they will email you if they need anything else.

Fill out the application completely and but NA on anything that you normally would be blank.

You can upload your photo (I did) to for a small fee and that way you dont have to send one in. will instruct you how to send everything in to them, they and I recomend usinf Fedex.

Once your documents arrive its amazing how detailed is about keeping you up to date , step by step.


My Small Setback

As I mentioned, I got a new Passport before I applied.  When I listed all the places I had been in the last year, my passport did not reflect that , as it was brand new, so the Chinese consulate rejected my application, pending I send in my old passport.  I of course got scared that I would be rejected, but everything worked out fine.  I sent in my old passport to and they re-submitted the application and a week later I was approved and the next day I received my passports and visa via Fedex.

Again, if it wasnt for I would have been lost during this setback, so I am thankful for their help!


Who I Recommend

I am 100% confident with for all my future Visa or passport Needs! (The help with passports as well).




Like I said before, its really much easier than I thought and probably you too, to get a Chinese visa. also deals with all visas you might need and I highly recommend them!

Thanks for reading and … PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!!!


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