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Wheres Our Bonus & Thanks?… A Rant!

So, as I write this I am setting in a Delta SkyClub , waiting on my next plane.  This entire trip has been one big mess of confusing and frustrating mess!  This rant probably would not be written if it weren’t for all the issues and frustrations that I have experienced over the last several days!

As many of you may know, Delta Airlines paid out billions and billions to all their employees around Valentine’s Day.  Each employee received apx. 2 months of their salary as a bonus!  This was thousands of dollars for each person, and around tax time too, so February was a great month for many delta employees!

Delta Thank You Plane
Delta painted a plane with the words ” Thank You” made up of each of their employees names.

As I start off my 2020 travel season a bit late, I am just really noticing a little bit of a difference in the way the employees seem to be interacting, almost like they have been even more emboldened and enabled to do as they please.  Its no secret that Delta is trying everything possible to keep their employees from unionizing, and it seems throwing this money at them, and being scared to come down on employees that are rude, break rules, etc, in the fear that it will push them to unionize.

I say this, a little over exaggerating  , as the absolute biggest part of DELTA employees are absolutely fabulous and top notch!  But as any traveler can attest to, when a few people are rude, you seem to remember those over everyone else. Again, I wanted to clarify, I am 100% pro Delta and feel the employees are the best in the world, with the exception of a few bad apples.

With all this said, It seems Delta, and thier employees seem to have forgotten that these billions and billions in profits are there, because of passengers.  That money came from US, the people who buy tickets and fly Delta Airlines.  Where’s our thanks?  Where’s our bonus? Yes the employees did a fabulous job, and deserve the bonus, without a doubt, but why is it I sense a slight different attitude or culture ?  Why is it that I have been ZERO for complimentary upgrades this years as a Diamond?  Not only me, but legendary Delta Blogger , Rene, from (formaly speaks about how bad it is with upgrades…

“What a crazy start to the year. I am seeing my lowest upgrade percentage ever as a Diamond and am at this point happy to be dropping to Platinum Medallion for 2021. We shall see. But for now look at these crazy headlines from this weekend.” Rene,

My point is it seems harder and harder to get upgrades even as the highest level of Delta Medallian.  Seems more and more travel frustrations, and seems like some Delta Employee’s are emboldened to be indifferent, SkyMiles are harder to get and more expensive to use, so where’s our bonus?

I, of course, am not saying we should all get a check, or any monetary gift, but where’s OUR thank you?  Its harder and harder to get the purser to even come thank you for your status, and you hear less and less in the airport ” Thank you for being a diamond”, again, I say, did these people and this company forget where those billions came from, who’s pockets they came from?  Not all of us have a company paying for their travel, some of those billions came from my hard earned money… The least one should expect is courtesy , kindness, transparency, and thanks!  Am I wrong?


Yes, I know this is a rambling mess of incoherent bitching,  but its my blog , and I am blogging, so I take license to do as I want on here!

With that said, I stand by the points I make  here.  Companies , not only Delta, seem to forget HOW and with WHO’S money they became successful with!  Without the customer, you would have NOTHING!  Again, the vast vast majority of Delta Employees are the best in the business, but when one notices more than just one or two every one in a while, then it seems a different culture may be creeping in!

Sorry to bore everyone with my rant, but I feel strongly about this and wanted to get it out of my system!

Whats your thoughts on Delta and the way things are? Comment below!


Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!

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