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Major Hospitality Group Going “BEYOND” … VEGAN!

Major hotel management operator , Interstate Hotels & Resorts, is adding the Vegan Beyond Burger(TM) at all or most of their 430 hotels & resorts wordwide. I am not surprised by this , because I have had GREAT experiences with Interstate Hotels , especially in Austin, Texas, at the Austin Marriott South! I’m sure you know, the Vegan train is moving fast and a lot of people are getting on it, thanks in part to Beyond Meat®(NASDAQ: BYND)   It’s about time that the hospitality and travel industry gets on the train!

Austin Marriott South and Touring Tony
Post From Marriott Austin South to TouringTony

Beyond Meat

Beyond meat has hit the world by storm!  It is everywhere, form Carl’s Jr, to Del Taco and More!  Its the closest thing, texture and taste wise to meat.  One might ask why, if you are vegan would you want it to taste like meat… well I was non vegan for 35 years, so its a comfort thing.  Hard to explain.

Beyond Meat and TouringTony
Some of The Places That Carry Beyond Products!

I have to say, I am so IN LOVE with BEYOND products and how they are really helping get the word out about Vegan and make it more mainstream.

Who’s Next?

I have ranted and raved about Traveling while Vegan , and how bad it can be! I have seen ebbs and flows of Vegan options by Airlines (In Air & Club Lounge) over the last few years, it seems like we would go 1 step forward and 2 steps back.  It would be great to see my favorite airline Delta, do more for us Vegans, and to be honest, for EVERYONE!

There are NO arguments that eating Vegan is healthier, by far! So why wouldn’t airlines and hotels want to do this?  Now that there are companies like Beyond that make things so realistic, its easier than ever!  Most airlines always have a “vegetarian” option, so, just make all the “vegetarian” options , all Vegan, That would solve that, in my opinion!


I am always glad to see stuff like this!  Like I said before, Interstate is a FABULOUS management company , so of course it would be them to start the ball rolling!

Hey Beyond, start talking to DELTA, and the other airlines… try to get your foot in that door also!

Have you tried any Beyond products?

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE TRAVEL MORE!

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