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To Recline or Not Recline?

Over the last few days, a video emerged of a guy on a Delta flight hitting the back of a women’s seat because she reclined into his lap.  I can see both sides of this, but have to say I side with the guy.   I truly feel that, although you have the “right” to recline, that doesn’t mean you should always recline! Having a right to do something and it being the right thing to do are two different things!

I feel like if the person behind you isn’t a tall or large person, then you can politely ask them if you can recline a bit, if you plan on reclining more than 1 notch.  If you just go 1 or 2 small notches back I feel like it’s fine.  Incidentally,  Delta’s CEO,  Ed. Bastian feels. the same way I do, that you should ask before reclining.

Courtesy should still play a role in society, instead of the “ME ME ME” attitude we seem to have nowadays, we should all stop and realize that there are others around us and thier feelings and comfort is also important !

Possible Fix

Delta , and other airlines are looking at ways to make seats that still recline, but at different pitches and other ways, in order to make EVERYONE comfortable .  Hopefully. they come up with something soon!

Furthermore, you could pay the extra to sit in Preferred seats, or premium economy or even better (but more expensive), Business / First class.



I will say this again… Just because you have a “right” doesn’t mean that its Right!  Let’s all try to be courteous travelers so that everyone can be comfortable.  Traveling anymore is very stressful, so let’s not add to it ourselves.

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!!

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