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Easy 2,500 SkyMiles With Delta’s Baggage Guarantee

One of the biggest drivers of revenue for airlines nowadays is baggage fees.  My favorite airline, Delta is not immune from charging them, but they also will pay you if they don’t deliver in 20 minutes.

Delta is known for their great on-time record , and they extend that to their baggage delivery!  Its very simple, from the time the plane door opens, to the time your bag hits the baggage claim belt, if your bag isn’t there in 20 minutes you get a free , easy, 2,500 Delta SkyMiles.

Delta baggage guarantee
If you don’t receive your luggage in 20 minutes you get 2,500 free Delta SkyMiles, its that simple!

How it Works

The process is really quite simple, and it works too, I tried it myself!  (See below)

The clock starts when the aircraft door is open, so if you want to start a timer do it then.  Your bags are guaranteed to be on the belt in baggage claim within 20 minutes, if not, you submit a claim and get 2,500 FREE Delta SkyMiles.

If , after reading the terms and conditions, you qualify for the guarantee, you submit a baggage claim with Delta here.  

Delta Baggage Guarantee Submission Form
Delta Baggage Guarantee Submission Form

A Few Conditions

  • Your flight has to be from the US 50 states or Puerto Rico.
  • Over-sized , over-weight , and special item baggage does not qualify.
  • Your only allowed one submission, per direction, per SkyMiles account, no matter how many bags you have.
  • Delta can suspend this during irregular operations or bad weather.
  • The 2,500 is for Redeemable SkyMiles, NOT Medallion qualifying miles.
Delta Baggage Guarantee Terms
Delta Baggage Guarantee Terms

My Personal Experience

Last month in Dallas (DFW), I tried this out for the very first time returning from Madrid.  The only way this worked for an international flight, is that my point of entry into the USA was New York City (JFK) , and I had to claim and RE-Check my luggage, therefor the luggage was no longer international.

My Free 2,500 SkyMiles for Delta Baggage Guarantee
My Free 2,500 SkyMiles for Delta Baggage Guarantee

I had just read something about this on my flight and it was fresh in my mind so I tested it out.  My baggage actually took 22 minutes to arrive.  That is 2 minutes past the guarantee and I decided just to test it out.  After filling out the simple form, I was awarded 2,500 INSTANTLY!  One of the simplest and easiest things I’ve done traveling!



Delta is my , bar-none favorite airline!  Yes we have spats here and there, but they are awesome and by far the best of the US based carriers.  This Baggage Guarantee is just another way Delta shows that they really want to be the best, and prove it!

I don’t think I will submit for points for another 2 minute lapse, as the time I did it was a test, but if its really late I will for sure and you should too.  Its just too simple to not to!

Thanks for reading and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!

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