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Getting From Paris Airport (CDG) into the City

In this post I will try to show you the easiest and most economical way to get from Paris’s Charles de gualle (CDG) airport into the city.

One of the first things I do before I go to a new place is figure out how to get from the airport to the city.  Sometimes it can be very expensive to take a taxi, and in this case its like $75 dollars.  I, as you may know, am , for the most part a bargain traveler.  Fortunately, in Paris ,they have a great train system and its really easy to do!

Directly from the airport, you hop a train and it takes you right into Paris .


  1.  Before you leave get an extra passport photo.  Usually when you get a passport photo taken you have an extra.  If not , try to print a simple passport like photo out.  It doesn’t have to be as perfect or precise but it has to be of your head.  There are booths all over the Paris subway and train system to take pictures but its easier to come prepared.

    My Paris Navigo Pass
  2. Once you get to Paris Airport, follow the signs for the “Paris by train” or “RER”.  Once you are there, go to the ticket counter.
  3. Ask for a Navigo Weekly pass.  The cost is 22,80 Euros, and is good for a week.  The reason you want this, is because round-trip on the train from the airport to the city and back will cost you this amount anyway.  With this pass , not only can you travel to and fro the airport, you can even use it to go to Versailles.  It will work on any local Paris public transit trains, subways or buses.  It will save you a fortune, because just by getting this pass your already ahead and any subway or train use will be pure gravy.
  4. Once your card is activated, attach your picture and slide it all into the plastic sleeve that they provide.
  5. To use the card at the turnstiles just hold it to the purple round area and it beeps and lets you through,  its that simple!

I have had my card since January 2015 and have used it each time I come here.  Like I said , it takes you to all zones in Paris and Versailles is considered Paris, so you can take a trip to Versailles for free!, I did!

Screenshot of Google Maps Transit options

The website I use , and you should too, for detailed instructions on how to do all this and get from the train etc, is called Paris By Train .  Its wonderful and they offer step by step instructions with pictures!  The instructions are slightly different from terminal 1 and terminal 2 but this site is easy to navigate.

The government website that tells about the pass is here .



For less than the price of a taxi one-way from the airport in Paris, you can have a round-trip train ride and a week of subway and train rides, why not?

The Paris subway and train system is easy to use and I use google maps to navigate it.  Simply put in your destination and switch over to public transport and it gives you many options and steps.

Thanks for reading and please, TRAVEL MORE!!!



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