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Holiday Shopping Portal Bonus Time!

As I have written about before, I love to get points and miles by using online shopping portals.  Online shopping portals provide a way to earn points or miles , on things you would normally buy anyway, this way you get return on your money. Check out my previous post explaining shopping portals here.

Delta, United and American are all offering bonus miles based on how much you spend right now.  As you will see, some are better than others but bonus miles are bonus miles.

The Portals


Delta is the least generous of the 3, and that saddens me because Delta is my airline.  They are offering 500 bonus miles if you spend $150 and 1000 bonus miles when you spend $300 dollars.  I will for sure max this one out with my holiday shopping, but unfortunately 1000 miles is really puny!


United is probably the most generous of the three.  They are offering 500 for spending $150 , 2500 for spending $750 and 5000 for spending $1500.  If United if your airline , (not sure why) then here you go!

American Airlines

American is offering similar to United , 500 for spending $150, 2000 for $600 and 4000 for spending $1,200.  Remember you can again use AA miles to book Etihad first class, which is what I did last December, and it was fabulous!



Shopping portals are a no-brainer!  If you are going to shop anyway online, why not earn miles?  Again, read my previous article about how to sign up and use theses portals.

Thanks for reading and please, TRAVEL MORE!!

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