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Free SkyMiles With All Delta Partners !


Delta is currently hosting a promotion in which they are offering free SkyMiles in 1000 increments.  How the promotion works is for every “new” partner transaction, you will earn 1000 SkyMiles.  New is defined is a partner you haven’t ever earned OR haven’t earned in last year (see terms).

If you are not very active with partner earnings, then this could be a beneficial promotion for you!

Delta partners include hotels, shopping portal, dining, rental cars and more.

I earn with the shopping portal all the time, so I cannot earn a bonus there, I have earned points with rental cars, and SPG crossover rewards.  Something I did was I transferred 1 SPG point (as platinum SPG you can transfer just one) over to Delta to see if that was considered a partner activity aside from crossover rewards, but we will have to see what happens.  I will also find a Participating restaurant for SkyMiles dining, to earn 1000 miles that way since I haven’t used the program in a while.

Something else I will do is on my next Hilton stay of one night I will change my earning to Points an Miles and earn Delta miles that way I will get the extra 1000 miles, then change it back to Points and Points (I prefer this unless there is a promo going on).

Be creative with this promotion as there are numerous ways to earn. Delta 1000 Mile Promotion

How it works

You must register here in order to participate, prior to any partner earning.

Next look at all the possible ways you can earn Delta Skymiles with partners and see what you have or haven’t earned with in last year.


Here are some examples of Delta partners you can earn the bonus with:


Car Rental

Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise, Europcar, National, Sixt

Many times there are current promotions going on anyway, so you can stack this promotion with the ongoing ones. If you are an elite especially, you can really earn some points from a cheap rental this was.  I rented a car from Hertz for $30 bucks the other day and earned over 1500 SkyMiles.  With this promotion I would have earned at least 2,500 for a cheap rental, great deal but since I have earned this way in last year I cannot bonus with Hertz, BUT I did confirm with Delta that I can earn the bonus with each rental car partner separately.

Hotels and Lodging

Hilton, Hyatt, Carlson, IHG, Marriott, Accor, Langham, Maritm, Millenium, Hotels, World Hotels, Shangri-La and Airbnb.

The possibilities to earn this way are endless, from adding your SkyMiles account to earn Hilton Points and Miles at Hilton properties or SPG crossover rewards, this method looks endless, I am trying to get more clarification on what is considered NEW and separate.

Credit Cards

Delta American Express cards

If you have one of these credit cards and haven’t used it in a year then charge a $1 on it to get 1001 SkyMiles.  If you don’t have one, and are already thinking about it, whatever the signup bonus is, add 1000 miles to it.

Cruises and Vacations

Agoda, Delta Vacations, SkyMiles Cruises, SkyMiles Villas


This one is a big one, there are many ways you can earn this way.  Like I said before I am out on the shopping portal because I earn all the time with them, but there are many separate ways to shop and earn Delta SkyMiles not using the portal, so shop away!


Like I said before and in other posts, you should be earning miles this way anyway…  but this promo stacks with new signup bonus too, so you have to eat might as well get miles for it!


In Summary

Although this is a generous offer from Delta, I wouldn’t personally go crazy over this promotion, as 1000 SkyMiles is valued between $10 to $12 dollars. SkyMiles are hard to come by and $ 10 to $12 is ….  $10 to $12, so .. The main way to monetize on this opportunity is to obviously earn the bonus sin as many ways as you possibly can , and then it starts adding up fast, and becomes more valuable!

Delta is my current airline, although lately I’ve been more and more disappointed with them. I am still loyal, and try to earn as many points and as much status as possible with them.

Please post the ways you plan on earning with this promotion in the comments section. If you have any questions please ask!


Thanks for reading!




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