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Added Fees and Charges to Hotel Stays add up FAST! Watch Out, or You’ll get a Surprise!, A RANT!

For a while now, certain resorts, and hotels in certain places have charged a “resort” fee. I never really understood this other than its a way for the hotel to make extra money!  Usually , traditionally these fees were assed in places like Hawaii and Tropical getaways .  Then Las Vegas got on board and all the hotels there started charging the fee.  NOW you see the fee in many places, including a “destination” fee in New York City.

Another thing to watch out for are surcharges and service fees.  I noticed that my hotel in Brazil is also charging a 10% service charge.

Sheraton Grand Rio
Sheraton Grand Rio

I assume this is for gratuity, but who knows for sure, because they also charge a resort fee.  With taxes, fee and charges , my $76 USD a night rate jumps up over $100 a night.  This is not a lot, and it helps that I was approved for a Best Rate Guarantee Claim , but non the less, it adds up.

Sheraton Grand Rio Price Breakdown
Sheraton Grand Rio Price Breakdown

What Does The “Resort” or “Destination” Fee Pay For?

Again, like I said, I still do not understand how hotels get by with this, but they do.  Hotels claim that the resort fee’s include things like parking, wifi, and other things depending on the property.  With Marriott, everyone that is a member of Bonvoy gets free Wifi, so why would you need a fee for that?  Also many people that are elite members get many of the extra benefits anyway as well.

Other things that hotels “claim” the resort fee pays for is things such as gym access, and towel service at the pool, or even fax or notary service.

Now even many hotels in New York charge a “destination” fee (rolling eyes).  They provide NOTHING more than before, but felt the need to charge this fee, ON TOP OF the hotel rate.

You may actually stay at a “resort” and not use ANY of the things that the resort fee is supposed to cover.  

Can I Get out of Resort Fee’s?

According this this Frommers Article  there are ways you can get out of Rest Fees.  I don’t know how well they do or don’t work , but read and to complain that you didn’t use the items that the fee includes or say for example the wifi is parti of see for yourself.

A few of the recommendations are to complain that you either didn’t use the items included in the fee or they didn’t function properly.  Its worth a try!


I do not like these fees and such, but what is one to do?  I usually just payt and not complain, but I will be taking note from now on what it includes and seeing if I use everything etc.

I think this is a major revenue maker for hotels, and I know hotels are in the business to make money, but I feel its deceptive and they should just include this in the price.


THANKS for reading and please travel more!

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