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Review: Hotel Indigo Paris Opera

I had tons of IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group) points I had been hoarding for awhile and needed to use, so I looked for place in Paris to use them and the Hotel Indigo Paris Opera seemed like a good fit.  As many of you may already know I am an SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) guy, but I am also a points and miles guy , so I go where the deals are.  With that said, I have saved but not used any IHG points for 2 years, and finally decided to offload them as I will NOT re-qualify for Spire-Elite this year.  The top elite level with IHG is Spire Elite, and I only have it because of promotions and cheap hotels allowed me to obtain it last year, but I can honesty say, its not the most valuable, lets leave it there.

I did a lot of research and because of the Trip advisor reviews and the location I decided on the Hotel Indigo Paris Opera.



As I mentioned before, I used points to book this 5 night stay.  The rate was 45,000 points a night, costing me a total of 225,000 IHG points for the stay.  The average cost of the room was about $300 dollars a night for the basic room I booked.  So it would have cost me around $1,500 dollars for the stay if I would have paid cash.  I felt this was a good redemption, for IHG points.

Getting There

As you can read about in this article I wrote, its fairly easy to get into Paris from the airport.  I always take public transit in Paris and feel one is silly for not, unless they are alot wealthier than I am.


Upon arrival, I noticed the hotel tucked away off a blocked off pedestrian pathway with theaters all around.  The 2 guys at the front desk were very nice and friendly!  When I asked about if I was upgraded or not, they said they gave me a King room.

Hotel Indigo Paris Opera Check In

I politely hemmed and hawed a bit and in no time the nice guy upgraded me to a Duplex Suite (2 Story) on the top floor.  This is NOT a guaranteed benefit of any level of Elite with IHG when booking with points, in comparison to most other programs.  The fact he upgraded was simply his choice and not a rule and it was appreciated!  Check in was fast and effcient, as I was the only guest at the front desk.

The Room (Room #1)

The first room I stayed in (more about that later) was a 2 story duplex suite.  The living area, bathroom and office was downstairs and bedroom and bath upstairs.  The upstairs bedroom was in a gabled roof so the the walls and the ceiling were the same in places.

Duplex Suite Bed
Duplex Suite Stairway

The room was nice, but I noticed a slight smell the entire time that I couldnt place.  I stayed in this room a total of 3 nights.  After the 2nd night I mentioned the smell and they tried to find me a comprale room, but couldnt that day and asked if they could move me the next day, I said fine.

Duplex Suite Upstairs Bathroom
Duplex Suite Living Room

Come to find out, the smell was mold or mildew from the fact that the room was right in the roof of the building.

The Price for this room was over $600 dollars a night if I would have paid cash!

The Room (Room #2)

The room I stayed in the final 2 nights was much better!  First of all there was no smell, as I was on the 5th floor, one below the top.

Junior Suite Bed

The room was a Junior Suite, room 501 and all the staff say it is their favorite , I can see why.  It was all on one level and one big room off a hallways that had the bathroom and washroom.

Junior Suite Living Area

The Best part of this room was the windows and the view of the Eiffel tower.  I can say for sure I was much more comfortable in this room, and wished I had started out here.

Sampar Bathroom Amenities
Hotel Indigo Paris Opera Hallway

The Food

I did not eat anything while I was here as breakfast was not included, and cost almost 30 Euros, yet they could only provide me bread as a vegan so I declined.


Overall I enjoyed this hotel.  For an IHG hotel I was pleasantly surprised.  It was NOT on the caliber of SPG by any means, but I would stay here again.  Its a relatively small boutique hotel but the staff try very hard.  It reminds me of a Design Hotel (SPG) or something along those lines.  Hotel Indigo are designed to reflect the neighborhood in which they reside.

There are many other properties in Paris that I want to try and plan to, but I would not hesitate to stay here or recommend this hotel to someone else. I’m not sure I would pay $300 a night though, for that price I would stay elsewhere, but if you can find it cheaper, or if your using points, then its fine!

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