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Buying a “Smart” Suitcase May NOT be so Smart Afterall!

Everyday on Facebook, Instagram and online we see all these new, neat technologically advanced suitcases that we just have to have!  I have to admit, many are very neat and seem handy, BUT BEWARE, they may be banned from the airline, therefore leaving you and your “Smart” suitcase behind.

These smart bags can do amazing things, from simply charging our cell phones, to being used as a scooter while in the airport (Not sure I would do this), to having GPS locators, scales, etc.

The Problem

The problem is, most of the bags require a Lithium ion battery to perform its functions, and as we have seen, these batteries can catch fire in an airplane cargo hold and cause big problems.

you may say you don’t plan on checking your bag, but sometimes, you have no choice, and that’s the reason why airlines are now not allowing these bags AT ALL if the battery cannot be removed!

The Airlines Policies

Delta Smart Bag Advisory
Delta Smart Bag Advisory


What you CANNOT Have

Basically, the suitcase can DO whatever, as long as the Lithium ion battery can be fully removed and carried with you in the cabin if need be.  If you CANNOT remove the battery, Airlines WILL NOT accept it, period!


Examples of Acceptable Smart Bags

G-RO Carry-On

Rebecca Minkoff Carry-On

Artix Powerbank Backpack

These are just a few examples..  Just remember to look for “REMOVABLE BATTERY”.



These new “Smart” suitcases, and luggage are neat, and have some great options, but technology has gotten ahead of itself a bit.  Manufactures catch on quick and are now making these with removable batteries.

I personally have Briggs and Riley , and love it, but may look into one of these, especially the G-RO (because of the wheels).

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!!

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