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Earn Tons of Hilton Points With a few Simple Steps!

Hilton HHonors
Hilton HHonors Logo

As I have mentioned in previous post’s, hotel programs offer promotions from time to time.  Hilton is usually pretty good about offering great promotions, and right now there are a few great ones going on.

Hilton is one of my favorite programs for several different reasons.  They have a large hotel footprint, and have some great redemption opportunities.  Another reason I like Hilton a lot is if you are elite with them, they generally treat you very well at their full service hotels.

Earning Base Points

Regular stays earn 10 points per dollar spent at Hilton Properties.  So you earn 1000 HHonors points if you spend $100 dollars.  Hilton allows you to double up, so to speak, and you can select to earn airline miles on top of HHonors points, 1 per dollar spent. You can also select Points and Points, and that gives you and extra 5 points per dollar. If you have chosen points and points, $100 dollars of spend would get you 1500 HHonors points.  If you are elite with Hilton you earn bonus points and welcome points, which varies at each level. For the purpose of this post I will focus on blue members.

Right now Hilton is offering 2 promotions that you need to sign up for.


Hilton HHonors Double / Triple Promotion

Double up / Triple up Promotion

This promotion is pretty straight forward, and goes through December 31, 2016.  You need to register first with your Hilton HHonors info here.  Then, if you book at you get double points for that stay.  Instead of 10 points per dollar spent, you get 20.  If you have chosen Points and Points you would get 25, (Bonus points aren’t doubled, only base points).

If you book using the Hilton HHonors app on your phone or tablet, you will get Triple points.  For a $100 dollar a night stay you would earn 3000 HHonors points, plus if you selected points and points, you would earn an extra 500, making it 3500 HHonors points for that stay.

This promotion is pretty simple, and just a good promotion. Obviously I would book any and all stays through the Hilton app , in order to get triple points.

hilton-visa promotion
Hilton HHonors Visa Promotion

Hilton Visa Bonus

Another great promotion Hilton has going on is also very straight forward, and goes through January 31, 2017.  First you have to register here.  After you register, you book through your Hilton HHonors app, reserve and pay for the room with a Visa card, and you get 5000 points per stay.  It has been verified that this is good for multiple stays, so it really can add up.  Another sweet spot about this Promotion, is a points (free) , or, Points and Cash stay qualify.  The only requirement is you charge any amount to the room, and pay with a Visa card. If you are staying at a category 1 for 5000 HHonors points,  and you charge a $2.00 bag of chips to your room, and pay with the Visa card upon checkout, you get 5000 points, hence you get a free room, minus the bag of chips.  Although you spent 5000 HHonors points for the room, if you spend and use a Visa card, you get the 5000 point bonus credited to your account in a few weeks. This is a great trick, and as of now it works, not sure if they will change it or not.

Wrap Up

With these two promotions, its possible to rack up a lot of points in the next few months!  If you are signed up for both promos, you book through the app, signed up for points and points, and pay with a visa, a $100 dollar a night room would earn you 8,500 HHonors points. This is more than enough for a free category 1 night (there are 53 category 1 Hilton’s worldwide).  If you are elite, or have a Hilton Visa, you can earn a lot more!

Hilton Sharm Egypt
Hilton Sharm Dreams Resort

I am taking full advantage of these two promotions, as I will be Diamond next year with Hilton after all, (didn’t think I would).  There are full-service Hilton’s in Egypt, that are between $30 and $40 dollars a night. Although triple points on $30 dollars is only 900 points, I am Diamond, so I get 1000 points just for checking in, plus I get a 50% bonus on base points, and I am signed up to get points and points . A $30 stay would net me around 7200 points. The Points guy values HHonors points at 1/2 a cent each (0.005), which would make these worth $36 dollars. Obviously the value of points depends on the redemption you use them on, but I need a few more “stays” to re-qualify for diamond, and there is no cheaper way to do it and rack up tons of points in the process as this.

Get signed up and start earning.  remember to register for each promo before you stay in order to get the points.

Any questions or comments,  please leave them below.

Thanks for reading!

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