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Delta’s Refreshed Boarding Process

Delta has recently unveiled a new boarding procedure, called “Branded Boarding”, that in some ways makes things a bit clearer and in others confuses things.  All in all I am pleased with it!

Delta is MY AIRLINE, everyone knows that!  Like SPG (Now Marriott Bonvoy), I am diehard loyal to Delta!  With that said, it doesn’t mean I don’t complain or criticize from time to time. Whats the old saying?, I only criticize you because I love you”? lol.

Delta Airlines New Boarding Process 2019
Delta Airlines New Boarding Process 2019

The Process

Instead of ZONES, which at times could be confusing, Delta is trying to align the fare class and boarding to make things simple.  Here is how it works, You basically board with where you are setting on the plane, along with what type of fare you bought.  If you are sitting in First Class , you  will be one of the first to board, if you are in Basic Economy , you will board last. Below you will find a graph laying out the old process up against the new.


Delta Airlines New Boarding Process 2019
Delta Airlines New Boarding Process


As you can see, things are not drastically different, just a little better clarified.  I do like the fact that just having kids doesnt allow you to board before Diamonds and First class like before.  NOW, as you can see, those with strollers, etc board AFTER First Class / Diamonds.  The other day, on my way here to China (where I am writing this now) I noticed more than once, the agent having to tell parents,”no I haven’t called you yet” because when they called for Pre-Board, all the hoards of parents with kids tried to board like before.



No great big news here, but its always good to know what’s going on before you fly.  Always check your boarding pass for your “cabin” so you will know when you are to board.

Delta is working on, and testing, facial recognition boarding, which is big news, and I am working on a story about that, coming soon!

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE, TRAVEL MORE!



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